Newman Guide
Catholic Schools

Welcome to The Newman Guide application site for K-12 Catholic schools!

The Newman Guide recognizes K-12 schools that, by their own attestation, are committed to upholding the standards of faithful Catholic education.

The Cardinal Newman Society’s policy and curriculum standards, to which these schools attest, are derived from guidance provided by Church councils, popes, Vatican congregations, bishop conferences, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and other Church documents.

A Newman Guide School strives for the very best of Catholic education. By affirming its commitment to the established standards, a Newman Guide School stands as an exemplar of faithful Catholic education for other schools nationwide.

Some of these affirmations include:

Process for Newman Guide Recognition

1. Pre-Application/School Self-Review

Before completing the application, a school will conduct a thorough review of its curriculum, policies, and activities to ensure that it meets the Newman Guide requirements. The bulk of time to complete the application will be during this stage as schools review and align their policies and practices to the Newman Guide requirements. See the Pre-Application Review page with links to additional learning resources to help understand what is expected of a Newman Guide school.

2. Newman Guide Application

The Newman Guide application is rather simple: the Head of School creates an account and reviews and affirms the school’s policies and practices are in conformity with the Cardinal Newman Society standards. The Head of School pledges to make these affirmations known to its school community. Artifacts are then uploaded for review.

3. Application Review and Follow-Up

Reviewers may contact the school with follow-up questions. Although the application is the primary basis for review, The Cardinal Newman Society reserves the right to ask for additional information and to accept or deny recognition for any reason.

Newman Guide Recognition

The Cardinal Newman Society will notify the school of its decision. If selected, the school will be provided a certificate, a press kit, and a Newman Guide seal for display. The school must also notify its community of the affirmations made in its application through a provided link. If not approved, the school will be informed as to why and what remediation is necessary.

Annual update

Newman Guide schools must update their contact information and affirmations annually. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Newman Guide. Substantial changes at the school—such as a change of head of school or major new programs—may require a new application and signed affirmation for the school to remain in The Newman Guide.

Five-Year Renewal

Newman Guide schools must submit a renewal application and updated artifacts every 5 years.


The Cardinal Newman Society reserves the right to remove recognition for any reason at any time including, but not limited to, its determination that a school is not sufficiently modeling standards or for concerns that the school might detract from the reputation of the program or from The Cardinal Newman Society.

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